Terms and Conditions


(Discipleship and Mission Training Centre)

A project of Biosis Trust



Welcome to the Biosis Talmid House.

We, the members of this foundation, assure you that you’ve made a promising decision.

·        The Biosis Talmid House (BTH) is not just a hostel, but it is a Discipleship and Mission Centre. Therefore, we kindly request students and parents to cooperate with the rules and regulations of the BTH.

·        Admission in the Talmid house is only possible with the consent of parents or similar parental authority.

·        All students must maintain a spiritual atmosphere in this centre.



·        Obedience is mandatory and all the inmates in this institution are obliged to conform to the rules laid down and also to the circumstantial instructions from the institution’s respective faculties. 

·        Cleanliness is also a top-priority rated principle and all the persisting and upcoming inmates are expected to keep up their cleaning duties regularly.

·        Food is valuable. All the inmates are to take extra care not to waste food.


·        Taking leave from college and Talmid house without prior consent is a very serious matter since the management is accountable to the parents and the institution of the person doing the identical.

·        Late arrival to the campus is a strict offense and action will be taken if a valid reason is not provided along with proof

·        Late night parties and hangouts are discouraged by the management.

·        Students should take permission from the Resident Manager/Students dean for an overnight stay outside the campus and we also need a call from parents to allow the same.

·        Loud music is not permitted. Inmates can use the campus instruments but not in any manner creating a disturbance.

·        Different duties will be assigned to students on a rotational basis. Being faithful in your duties is being faithful to yourself.

·        The management advises first-years to avoid indulging in social areas like public gyms, swimming pools, eateries etc. 

·        Inmates will have to pay the bills for the destruction of any property that belongs to the campus. 

·        The management does not permit the inmates to bring in other students who are not a part of this particular campus. If any inmate wants to enroll a friend, he/she is to bring the matter to the attention of the management.



·        Study hard: You have come here to accomplish scholastic certification. Accomplish it.

·        Control the use of social networking because many issues of this sort have come up in the past.

·        We are against illicit relationships and affairs.

·        Pornography and any immoral activities are strictly prohibited on the campus.

·        Bad habits are strictly forbidden. The possession of undesirable goods like drugs, cigarettes, alcohol etc. will lead to strict punishments from the management.


·        All the inmates are considered responsible for their conduct outside the premises.

·        Maintain personal cleanliness at all times. Cleanliness is a part of self-discipline. Therefore, always keep your room, your personal belongings and the common area spic and span.

·        Borrowing is okay but make sure to return the articles borrowed.

·        It is your responsibility to take care of your belongings. Management will not be responsible for any loss or theft of your belongings.

·        People differ in their food preferences. Please do not cause issues with the food you like. 

·        Maintain dignity at all times. Respect the faculty.

·        Keep your testimony always. Do not be a dual character.



·        Parents are expected to come in person at the time of admission and after the course. 

·        Once enrolled, the student should stay at Talmid for the whole academic year. 

·        If the student wishes to vacate Talmid next academic year, they should inform the resident manager three months prior.

·        Parents are to be aware of the protocol followed in the institution.

·        The management will inform parents if their respective wards commit malpractices. If the same actions are repeated, the committers will be systematically expelled from the campus.

·        Parents have to ensure that their respective wards attend classes regularly. If in any case, your ward requires special attention please do inform us.

·        Parents are requested to ensure the payment of fees without delay. Ask and keep the receipts for all payments done.

·        Parents should enquire with the management about all complaints made by your ward.

·        We wish the students to be disciplined and cooperative. If you have any complaints, please report to the concerned authority and avoid gossiping.

·        If the above-mentioned rules and regulations are not followed, disciplinary actions will be taken.


·        The students of the Talmid House should pay for their food and accommodation (Rs.7,000/month and Rs.15,000 caution deposit which is refundable).

·        Concessions in rent are provided by this institution. It is granted only to those that are in need of it. The management reserves the rights to grant this facility.

·        The management also encourages contribution towards its ministries as they undertake various initiatives for the holistic development of its students.