About Us

Who we are

Look around you: our society is buzzing with youngsters. And they are our focus.

We, at Biosis, believe that the youth are the ones who will take our communities forward. Sadly, though, all we see around us is a frustrated, lost, and monotonous generation. 

This is where Biosis steps in, hoping to provide that jolt to awaken our younger generation. We are not looking to “correct everyone” we encounter. Biosis only wants to guide, see our youth develop the right values, walk the right path in life with the right vision. We want to see our youngsters spark a revolution in the years and decades ahead.

Who we are

Why ‘Biosis’?

The word Biosis simply means ‘the way of life.’ In a world full of opportunities, the Biosis team helps our youth pick the right ones.

Our story

Our story

Biosis Ministries has existed, in part, since the late 2000s, when a group of young men rose up convinced of their role as changemakers in God’s hands. Registered in 2009, young visionaries prayerfully went to work. Their desire: to witness the truth of Jesus Christ. Since we have gone to all sections of the society, but as earlier noted, our focus remained with those on the younger side of life. We believe each one is infinitely valuable in the presence of God.

The key for any mission is to stay true to its course. From the get-go, we were adamant that any work done should be completed in the finest conceivable fashion. No negotiations on that — not then, not now. Be it our musicians at a campus retreat, a small leaflet prepared, or a cartoon drawn — the best effort alone will suffice. 

“Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God,”
— William Carey